Directors Welcome for Rock River Players’ 2016-2017 Season

WILLIAMSVILLE –  The Rock River Players’ Play Selection Committee (PSC) welcomes directors’ proposals for plays to round out its four-play 2016-2017 season.

The PSC will be pleased to meet with anyone who would like to direct the Players at the Williamsville Hall,  Dover Road, Williamsville, VT.   Proposals will be welcomed Friday, September 9, from 7PM, and on Saturday, September 10, from11AM. Please call or email Charlie Tower at  or 978-434-7958 to arrange a time to meet.

A director’s proposal should include:

  • the name of the play, a brief synopsis, and how it would fit into the 2016-2017 season theme, i.e.: “strong women’;
  • if applicable, availability of production rights;
  • director’s experience—mentoring available;
  • the vision and concept of the production: cast, costumes, set;
  • production team, if known;
  • estimated budget.

The Rock River Players’ season opens the last weekend of October with A Piece of My Heart, directed by Sara Vitale.  The PSC will select remaining plays to complement that drama, to develop the season’s theme, to offer Players challenge and opportunity for growth, and to appeal to wide and varied audiences.  Slots open are for May and August productions.

The Rock River Players’ PSC aims to offer opportunities for the participation of anyone interested in community theatre, for live entertainment and a wide-range of audiences, for utilization and enhancement of the Williamsville Hall and for the generation of revenue to meet production expenses and fund professional growth and technical improvements.

For more information contact Charlie Tower–contact info above –or Annie Landenberger, 802-348-7156, option 2 /