Auditions for “A Piece of My Heart”

Rock River Players announces upcoming auditions for “A Piece of My Heart” September 8 at 4pm, 9 at 6pm, 10 at 11am, and 11 at 1pm at the Williamsville Hall in Williamsville, Vermont. Performances will be the last weekend in October. Auditions will be reading from the script.


“The play, A Piece of My Heart, by Shirley Lauro, has become the nation’s most enduring theatrical production that deals with the Vietnam War.”
-The VVA Veteran
The Official Voice of Vietnam Veterans of America, Inc. ®

The true stories of six courageous women sent to Vietnam and their struggle to make sense of a war that irrevocably changed them and a nation that shunned them. A work with the music and soul of a tumultuous era in our history.

Six women, any ages. Two men, any ages. To read a sample go to

“…Shirley Lauro’s new play A PIECE OF MY HEART, is a catharsis as well as a coup de theatre…There have been a number of plays dealing with Vietnam…but none with the direct, emotional impact of Ms. Lauro’s work…(she) has turned first hand impressions into a disturbing drama that evokes empathy for survivors as victims.”
-The New York Times

“Vietnam drama sparks…Surprised audiences…brought them to tears with sobs filling the auditorium and a standing ovation at the finish…drawing on the experiences of women in the Vietman War, Shirley Lauro’s A PIECE OF MY HEART found solid dramatic context on the stage…”

“A PIECE OF MY HEART…takes up a subject largely missing from the reams of material written about Vietnam, namely the women sho served there…seamlessly interweaving the stories of the six principals…the play is exceedingly moving as the women gather at the memorial wall in Washington and experience a heart wrenching expiation—one that also affects those watching them from the audience…in not straining for a hit, the (theatre) may have produced one in A PIECE OF MY HEART.”
-The Wall Street Journal