Annual Meeting: January 16, 2022

Time: 3-5pm
Place: Williamsville Hall and via Zoom
(contact for the Zoom link)


Reiterating mission: Keeping lively arts alive; using Hall; giving all interested a chance to act, direct, design, etc.

I. Wrap up of 2021: What went well? What can we improve on?

  • Solos
  • The Front Page
  • Finances (brief financial report)
  • PR/tech/space
  • Numbers involved

II. Looking ahead:
Productions and how to plan in these pandemic times:

  • Evening of One Acts, tent: June 3-5
    Panella script (Bahman) and tbd.
  • Collaborations (Marisa)
  • Comedies to consider for next fall (Annie)
  • Others’ ideas: Ramsey’s, and all invited to speak up
  • Cabaret?
  • Readers’ Theatre: Are You Now or Have You Ever Been?
    Death of a Salesman
  • Improv trainings/jams?


  • How to make more of our non-profit status
  • What do we still need and how can we get it?
  • Documenting standards for front of house, space use, PR, tickets sales, strike, program

III. Election of officers

IV. New business