Rock River Players Annual Meeting: August 26, 2019

7-8:30 pm
Williamsville Hall


Reiterating mission

Gratitude for our volunteers—which is, actually, all of us.  So come prepared, please, with a tribute to share

The year in review:

Justice/Just Us
Twelve Angry Jurors
Valentine’s cabaret
Nickel and Dimed

What  went well
What can we improve on
Consider facilities, PR, tech, guidance for new directors, space use, etc
Technical matters:  What do we still need and how can we get it? Need for a capital campaign?

2019-2020 season
Regular improv sessions
Annual cabaret

Front Page: Bahman to present
Quilters: Annie and Ayars to present

Facilities matters
Clean-up a successWhat do we still need and how can we work toward that

Financial/Nuts and bolts
Annual financial report
501c (3)  status: How to make more of our non-profit status

Election of officers

New business